“Once I started reading it, I could not put it down.  I wanted to tell you personally how much I have enjoyed reading it--because of the Bible influence in it and because I love to sew.”

--Patty Fish, North Little Rock, Arkansas


“I have been quilting for over 25 years, and have enjoyed this hobby, even before it was so popular!  I have given many, many quilts away to family and friends because it is a tangible expression of love--it's something I can do.  I'm not very good at singing or teaching or talking to a group of people, and I'm not into sports or shopping or a lot of other things--but I DO love to quilt!  I enjoyed reading about all the other quilters who love to create, and many of them give their quilts away.  God CAN and does use even the gift of quilting.  Anyway, thanks for your encouraging book.”

--Jean Carlen, Deer Park, Washington


“I wanted to let you know that I have immensely enjoyed this book.  I often buy books and give them away...but this one is a keeper....very well put together and most encouragingly written.  Thank you!”

--Elizabeth Embree by email


 “What a pleasure it was to receive your book on quilting from a friend.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and it brought back so many memories of quilting bees when I was growing up.”

--Erma Helms, Louisville, Alabama


“I received the book What I Learned from God While Quilting as a gift and enjoyed it very much.”

--Marie Dennis, Hancock, Michigan


 “I love your format and since I’m a beginner quilter, I do so appreciate your many quilting tips.  Thank you!”

--Carlyn Greer, Hayden, Idaho


“I thank you for your book….it has truly touched my heart!  In the next few months, I hope it touches many here at my church.”

--Barb Tompkins, Renton, Washington


“Many thanks for writing and sharing experiences and devotions in your little book.  It has helped reinforce to me the reason why I do quilting, too!”

--Phyllis Shelley, Ashhurst, New Zealand


“Isn’t it just amazing!  Here I am in Walla Walla--there you are in Spokane, and your book was sent to me by a very good friend from Smithville, Texas!   Upon reading the stories, I had to rejoice for the friend who sent me the book!”

--Nancy Hubbard, Walla Walla, Washington


“Thanks for a great book!  I'll recommend it for years to come.”

--Wilma Chrisetensen, by email


“We cannot thank you enough for coming here to speak to us.  I so enjoy your book and have been blessed by your love for God.  May He richly bless you.”

--Nancy Arnold and the Valley Christian School Quilters, Spokane Valley, Washington


“I read it through almost non-stop.  I’m chaplain of our Alpha Delta Kappa teacher’s sorority.  Last meeting I chose your chapter ‘A Special Class’ (p. 69) for our devotional, and they loved it and had to see the book.”

--Arkie Neal Remley, Malvern, Arkansas


“Ruth, my children gave me your book on quilting.  I love it.  Your mother would be so proud of you!” 

--Clara Norman, Searcy, Arkansas


“What a joy to find your book in my mailbox last week--and a greater joy to finish it--what a beautiful book your heart has brought us all!  I’m finding the desire to do more for others since reading your book--what lovely stories!  Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring book to remind us all to love and care.”

--Ellen Bidigare, Auburn Hills, Michigan


 “A great book!  I will read and reread.  Although I don’t quilt anymore, I could relate to a lot of the stories.”

--Grace Ladd, Advance, Missouri


“What a wonderful book!  I only was able to read one story before it began to circulate to other members in our quilting group.  Everyone is anxious to read it.  I know I’ll enjoy it when my turn comes again.”

--June Nelson, Corvallis, Oregon


“Ruth, you are blessing so many people through these books!”

--Sue Harrison, Pickford, Michigan


 “Mom had a long and very good life.  At her funeral we had a display of pictures, quilts and your book.  The ‘Love Bears’ story is very special to us all, as is the book you wrote.  Thanks.”

--Margaret Douglas, daughter of Ruth Glover of North Richland Hills, Texas, who was featured in one of the chapters


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