What I Learned from God While Quilting

   co-authored with Cris Bolley

Promise Press (Barbour Publishing).

Oct 00



Reprinted and released in Barbour’s Inspirational Series.

In addition, a special hardback edition has been printed for Crossings Book Club

July 03

The following are chapters I’ve contributed to other books:

"A Comparative Study of Single Adult Ministries in Major Christian Churches in the United States" (appendix)

Single Adult Ministry:The Next Step, ed. by Doug Fagerstrom (Victor Books)


“Lessons with Leslie”

Rest Stops for Teachers, ed. by Susan Osborn (Broadman & Holman)

Apr 03

“Doughnut Holes”

What I Learned from God While Cooking, ed. by Chris Bolley (Barbour Publishing)

Jan 06

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